An Introduction to Driver’s Education for Porsche Owners (Part II of II)


Written on May 2nd, 2008 at 12:10am by 993C4S

Part I of this post introduced you to the concept of Driver’s Education, the registration and tech inspection process. Today’s post explores the rest of the experience from scheduling runs, classroom time and running laps.

Classroom Sessions

The schedule tells you when your “runs”(i.e., time on the track) and classroom sessions are. Most people who attend DEs want to spend time behind the wheel, not in a classroom. But classroom sessions can be beneficial and to a degree necessary to ensure safety. The first time you attend a DE, the classroom

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Ottawa Coffee Run June 19th 2010


  image002The weather forecast for Saturday June 19th was less than encouraging with the threat of thundershowers developing late in the morning.  Regardless, thirty optimistic individuals arrived at the Starbucks at the IKEA Mall on Pinecrest in a total of twenty-two Porsches.  This was the largest number of cars to take part in a Coffee Run in the last seven or eight years as I can recall.  A wide variety of Stuttgart’s engineering efforts were on hand ranging from the usual assortment of 911’s, (964, 993, 996, 997), 944’s, Boxsters, Boxster S’s plus a single 951 and 928.  

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Brunch du Lac à l’Eau Claire



Le dimanche 23 mai 2010, nous sommes allés bruncher à l’Auberge du Lac à l’Eau Claire.
Pour cette balade, nous étions 18 voitures pour 36 personnes.
Tous ont bien apprécié leur sortie avec le magnifique temps que nous avons eu cette journée-là.
Le succulent brunch y était pour quelque chose dans l’appréciation des participants.
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Ottawa Coffee Run – May 15 2010


By Bob Power

The May Coffee Run in the Ottawa area is traditionally the first of the season and is normally well-attended – first off, members are usually itching to get their cars out of storage and give them some exercise after a long winter and secondly, summer activities haven’t yet started to occupy weekend schedules.  This year, however, Paul Fecteau led the first-ever April Run, which was a howling success, so it was uncertain what kind of turnout we would have in May.  No need to worry- we had a great attendance with 15 cars and 23 members sitting down to breakfast.  And what an array of Porsches- 944s, Boxsters, and a variety of 911/Carreras from the early 1970s to present.  Also, Andy Evangelidas drove up from Montreal with his friend John for what may be another Ottawa Coffee Run first- a Cayenne.

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Rendez-vous June 1997 – Turbo or not Turbo

RSR Rendez-vous May 1997

I got to track my car last night for the first time this season. I am pumped about this summer’s DEWs. Continuing in the long standing tradition (actually, I began last it last year, but hopefully it will be a tradition sometime in the future) here are a few hints and tips for new and not-so-new “trackies”. Also I may be able to save you a few bucks along the way.

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