Technical notes

Technical notes – Very Important

Non-factory restraining devices

Rennsport recommends that any non-factory restraining devices / harnesses / belts should be regularly inspected for signs of damage or wear. In addition, they should be rewebbed as often as recommended by the manufacturer, or 10 years past the SFI manufacturing date, which ever occurs first.

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A New Way To Drive – Vision

“You’re going to learn something that only about a hundred people in the whole world know how to do” .. said Bill Buff of Driving Dynamics. “I’m going to teach you how to see properly”.

So began our classroom session at the Rennsport Region Instructor’s Day. Rennsport invited Bill and his partner Marv Ungarman to teach us their remarkable techniques because several of our members met them at Watkins Glen while getting check rides. They were so impressed that they suggested we ask them to help us with our own teaching program. Seven instructors were chosen by lottery and I was one of the fortunate few. Our mission was to learn everything we could and prepare to teach other instructors (and our students) next year.

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