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Flagging Regulations

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Driver's Education - Flagging Regulations
The safety of any event depends upon the proper observance of the Signal Flags.
The flags we will be using are:

Circuit Mt-Tremblant 2001, the new layouts

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Circuit Mt-Tremblant 2001, the new layouts.


The track has been completely rebuilt in 2000-2001, these document contains the new layouts for the different configurations of the track.



First Day at the Track

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Introduction aux cours de conduite

par Jeff Gailleur CCA 11-12 août 2001 – Boxster blanche no. 155



Les différentes régions membres du PCA (Porsche Club of America) organisent des évènements sur circuit appelés CCA (Cours de Conduite Avancée). La région RennSport dont je fais partie organise son CCA sur le merveilleux circuit du Mont-Tremblant (1h30 au nord de Montréal) qui a été refait neuf en Juillet 2001. Je me suis donc inscrit pour participer et enfin pouvoir utiliser ma voiture ce pour quoi elle a été conçue.



IT Promotion Criteria

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IT Candidates:

  • Are normally drawn from the Black run group and usually have at least one year of experience in that group.
  • Any Level 2 Instructor may propose a candidate for evaluation as a potential IT.

Assuming there is a need for additional instructors and a Senior Instructor available to train the candidate, an arm's length evaluation of the candidate will be performed by one of the Chief Instructor Team, i.e. Chief Instructor, Chief Driving Instructor or Chief Teaching Instructor. Said evaluation must be performed by someone unassociated with the candidate both personally and professionally to ensure fairness.


Staging Procedures

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Staging Procedures

You control which cars are allowed onto the track, in accordance with the guidelines set out below. If you have ANY doubt as to whether a given car should be allowed out, call the tower for a decision.


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