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How do I become an instructor?


How to become a rsr instructor…

This faq question is answered by Bob Rouleau, Chief Instructor of the Rennsport Driver Education Program.

Q: How does one become an RSR driving instructor?

A member who would like to become an instructor should make his/her wishes known to any member of the instructor team.

Prior to this request, it would be wise to discuss this with his/her run group mentor to determine their opinion as to whether or not they believe the individual is ready to move to this level.

Rennsport welcomes new instructor candidates who are ready to make the personal commitment of time and energy that is required of these individuals. Wrongly conceived ideas of personal status gains or perceived "perks" are at odds with the philosophy of our program. Instructors work very hard during a weekend with the goal of improving the driving skills of their fellow members.

Members who wish to become Rennsport instructors will have completed at least two full seasons in the top run group of the program. Their driving skills will have progressed to the point where they can consistently drive while demonstrating all of the skills that are emphasized in the Rennsport Advanced Driver Training Program.

Specifically they will be able to:

  1. Drive the line flawlessly and consistently lap to lap;
  2. Demonstrate exemplary smoothness in all inputs to the car;Heel and toe smoothly;
  3. Be able to talk to your passenger around the track explaining what you are doing as you drive the car;
  4. Show a good attitude, personality and possess good social skills.

As a candidate for the program, he/she will have a series of check rides with various senior instructors. That team will assess attitude, driving ability and teaching and communication skills. They will collectively decide where the candidate is ready for instructor training or not. It is possible that a candidate will be asked to brush up on certain skills and re-apply at a later date.

As well as having superior communication skills any candidate will need to be able to attend all teaching sessions and commit to a level of participation that will see his/her attend at least 75% of all our events.

Not all candidates will progress as rapidly as others. Some will not graduate from the program. While this is the most unpleasant task of the Instructor Training Team, please understand that being accepted into the program is not a guaranty of success.

Lastly, the Rennsport Instructor Training Program is driven by the need for additional instructors. The number required any given year will vary depending on the number of active and participating instructors. It is possible that suitable candidates will not be admitted to the program simply because there are no new instructors needed. This situation never lasts long since Rennsport loses about five instructors a year through attrition. Should there be no openings, candidates will be asked to re-apply the following season.

Starting in the 2004 season, all instructors, new and old, will be required to re-certify under the new PCA National Instructor Certification Program.


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