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How do I join the executive board?


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1. What is the board constitution?

The board consists of eleven Rennsport members. There are four officers, six directors and a past president. The officers and their present offices are President / Micheal Delaney, Vice-President / Philippe Desjardins, Treasurer / Nicole Galarneau, and Secretary / Eric Gutknecht.

The directors and their present responsibilities are:  Robert Rouleau: Advanced driver training program chief instructor, Garth Gullekson: Marketing director with responsibility for selling and contracting advertising, Robert Paulhus: Communication director with WEB and Der Auspuff coordination responsibilities and general communication with the membership, Paul Racine:  currently in charge of the selection, buying and selling of promotional articles and garments, Philippe Girard: Social director in charge of scheduling  and coordinating of the social activities, and Stéphane Côté: Quebec City area representative.

The Board is elected for a one-year period, however each member is asked to make a minimum two-year commitment to the board, subject to the election process. At the end of this mandate, he/she can run for another year providing no one challenges the position, in which case the voting members can extend his/her mandate or choose another member to represent that position.

Another option is to run for another (vacated, end of mandate) Director or Officer position on the board. At this time the election process will involve the two positions. In order to run for an officer position, a member has to have a minimum of two years experience as a director to fully understand the responsibilities and running of the club.

2. What's the differences between a director and an officer?

An Officer has more responsibilities than a director (not to say that he/she is more important) and since he/she has been on the board for at least two years he/she will have a greater awareness of the multitude of tasks that are required in the governing of our club and better fulfill the needs of the membership.

3. Who can attend the board meeting?

Any Rennsport member is welcome to attend the monthly meetings in beautiful Hawkesbury. You'll see the discussions that are needed to ensure the value of a Rennsport club membership.

4. What is the election process?

Every year, a nominating committee is mandated by the board to seek members who are enthusiast about their club and would be interested in maintaining the viability of our organization.

This committee's first task is to validate the openings on the board and seek replacements. The board's position at end of mandate in the year will be, Goodie store, Marketing, Communications, Track, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-president and President. The N/C will have to confirm with the "end of mandate" board members to determine if they wish to continue for another year.  If they don't want to continue then the position is vacant. If they choose to continue then their position might be challenged by a member-at -large or another board member.

5. For how long are the board members elected?

The first time a member is elected his/her mandate is two years. After that it can be extended year after year.

6. It seems there was no election last year, why?

The By-Laws where changed in 2001 and at that time the board was elected for their first two year period. We had a couple of people vacating the board and we had to find replacements.

7. It looks like the board is a small clique?

Since there has been a lack of interest from the membership with regard to volunteering for board positions, the rotation within the board of directors has been slow out of necessity. It is certain that anybody with a desire to help is welcome and will have an equal chance of becoming a board member.

8. What does it take to become a Rennsport board member?

Candidates will have an interest in ensuring that the club survives and be eager to represent the interest of all of the club members. If nobody applies to serve on the board, the club will slowly decay for lack of interest and burn out will occur for those who have carried the ball up to now. Help yourself in helping others!

9. How can I get on the board?

Express your interest by calling one of the nominating committee reps and discuss your skills with them. To paraphrase a good orator, "Don't ask what the club can do for you, ask what you can do for the club!" We need good candidates with lots of enthusiasm.

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