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RSR Group Promotions


Q: If you happen to be a demonstrably fast and experienced driver, can you be promoted directly to Blue or higher groups? If yes, how do you go about it?


A: If you have no experience with PCA, you will end up in Green and if you are experienced be promoted immediately provided there is room in the higher group.

If you have experience with PCA then you are likely to start in a higher group. If no experience at Tremblant, or Calaogie (depends on the event) you'll get a check ride with an instructor who will show you the right way around.

There is no rule about a minimum time in a group. Timing at DE is forbidden. One of the things that can hold a driver back is etiquette - DE is not racing and we share the track with our friends - not competitors.

When you register make sure you note your experience.

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