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Home About RSR FAQ FAQ I want to take my car on the track, What do I need to do?

I want to take my car on the track, What do I need to do?


So; you've decided to do your first Porsche Club Driver’s Ed event. Now what? What do you have to do? Do you need special equipment? What do you have to bring? What should you expect?

Well, let’s see if we can answer a few of those questions. First of all, the PCA DE program is NOT racing; it’s an opportunity for people to experience the capability of their Porsche on the track under closely controlled conditions. Safety is of primary importance. Therefore, the first time drivers must learn proper track etiquette and how to drive under control on the track.

Our experience for more than forty years in the region has been; first time drivers with the proper attitude learn these driving skills more rapidly than the highly stressed, overaggressive drivers on the track trying to make fast laps on the track. Using the teaching techniques developed by PCA, students gain valuable knowledge about driving at speed on the track. As an added benefit, many people find our DE program aids their mental concentration, discipline and overall driving capability on the public roadways.

To ensure safety while driving on the track, we utilize controlled passing and the “Two Spin Rule” to make sure drivers stay on the track during our DE events.

The overall purpose is to have FUN! This is why so many of the PCA members volunteer their time to instruct and work at our DE events. Warning: PCA DE events can be highly addictive!

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